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— b3 —

B3 stands for Burger, Beer Bistro. We are strategically situated right in the heart of the city to create the perfect facility to unite people of all diversities. B3 provides the perfect backdrop for all your business and leisure needs, meeting the unique needs of all that no other social club can match!

Foodies will be sure to enjoy the choices that B3 offers. Working with award winning baristas in the house,  we will be sure to tickle and tantalise your taste buds with our delectable creations! View our menu here.

Mon to thur: 10am to 10pm

Fri: 10am to 12am
Weekends & Public Holidays: CLOSED

— SMU links to B3 —

B3 was started by Singapore Management University's Alumni Association (SMUAA) together with the support of the SMU Alumni Relations Office and SMU.

If you are a SMU student, whether past or present, come support us! Not a SMU student? Fret not, we also welcome you here! Join us for a great time, anytime.

Watch this space, there is history in the making... 


One of our greatest assets is our growing network of alumni. All graduates with either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from Singapore Management University (SMU) are considered SMU alumni. As an alumnus, you are an integral part of a vibrant international network that encompasses more than 18,000 alumni (as of Mar 2016).

The SMU Alumni Association (SMUAA), with the support of the university’s Alumni Relations Office, connects alumni with the SMU community while giving you special membership privileges. Membership with SMUAA opens up vast networks of opportunities with fellow graduates and professionals who share common intellectual heritage and experience. 

What’s more, with our extensive network of graduates frequenting our events, you might even be presented with a business opportunity when you least expect it!

Join smuaa here.