— B3 Going Green —


B3 believes in being more than just another place you can have a good meal. We also believe in making a difference, and sustaining the well being of Mother Earth is definitely on top of our list.

The person who approached us, the brain child of this monumental project "SMU GROW"  is our good friend Bernie! (Do try the drink named after her on our menu.) along with student groups BAEsils and Ecotopia. They are paving the road to a greener future by educating people on the benefits of plants and reduction of waste produce.

B3 has the honour of being the first restaurant they have chosen to showcase their initiative. Produce from their open-air garden will see their way into the dishes you consume in our bistro! Talk about fresh from the garden eh? 

Stay informed of their progress here! - https://www.facebook.com/smugrow/

— Getting the word out —

Ben Liegey is traveling the world for a thousand days to bring awareness about the benefits and need for a more eco friendly community. One who can never resist a chance to meet someone who shares her ideals, Bernie invited him to partake SMU GROWS pilot project. 

B3 was in awe of the stories he shared and you should too! Check out his exploits in the links below:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/foodrespecttour/
Instagram - @foodrespecttour