B3 Loyalty Program FAQ

1.      What is the programme?

This is the B3 Loyalty Programme! It's a membership for you, our friends of B3, where you get enjoy exclusive discounts, and collect points when dining with us!


2.      What about the current SMU Community discounts or corporate discounts with B3?

With the launch of our new B3 Loyalty Programme, only members will enjoy discounts off spending at B3. 

All previous discounts granted to the SMU Community and existing B3 partners* will cease. Should you wish to still enjoy discounts at B3, do join our B3 Loyalty Programme

*SMU Community & B3 Partners enjoy the waiver of the $10 registration fee. Do approach our staff to check if you're eligible for the waiver.


3.      How does the point system work?

Every $3 spent at B3 entitles you to 1 point! These points can be collected and exchanged for items at B3. Redemption will be available from June 2018! This season's items for redemption are:                                

  • 100 points - Pint/Glass of wine/Other Beverages
  • 200 points - One item from B3's food menu
  • 500 points - Alcohol priced $159 and below


4.     Is the member discount available for everything in the b3 menu?

The discount is extended to items from the mains menu, burgers, pizzas, wholesome bowls and asian creations menu only.

Tapas, dessert, drinks, alcohol and other promotional items will not be entitled to discounts. 



Any amount of spending at B3 will entitle you to collect points with the membership. Every spending of $3 is worth 1 point. 


6.      Where can I get a B3 Loyalty Programme Membership?

You can register via the hard-copy forms found at B3. All B3 memberships are electronically registered and linked to your NRIC / Identification numbers. As such, there is no card; your identification cards with the registered number barcode is sufficient.


7.     Why do I have to provide my nric/ identification number?

To ease collection and redemption of points, your B3 membership is linked to your IC number, of which can be conveniently scanned when producing any identification card with the barcode of your IC number such as your SMUAA Gold card, driver's license or NRIC. 


8.      Can I still earn points if I forget to bring any identification cards?

Yes you can. As your loyalty account is tagged to your NRIC / identification number, all you need to provide our counter staff with the NRIC / identification number tagged to your account.


9. Do I have to pay to join the B3 loyalty programme?

There is a one-time payment of $10 to join the membership, but fret not! You'll be receiving members-only discounts and exclusive promotions! 


10.      How do I redeem my accumulated points?

You can approach any of the staff at the B3 counter and inform them of the item you wish to redeem. The items for redemption can be found at: b3smu.com/b3-loyalty-program.


11.      Can I earn points when I come back another day with my receipt?

Point collection is available only at the time of purchase. As such, do remember to inform our staff the counter that you have an existing membership with B3 when placing your order.


12.      Where can I use the points collected from my previous spendings?

Points collected may currently only be used at SMU Alumni Bistro, B3. 


13.      Can I earn points when vouchers are used?

Yes, you may! When presenting B3 cash vouchers, the amount paid after deducting the voucher's worth will be entitled to B3 points. Example: If you spend $13 and the voucher amount is $10, you will have paid $3. This $3 will be entitled 1 point.



Please allow 2-3 working days for your membership to be activated. During this period, we regret to inform that points collection for your purchases will not be available. However, you may still continue to enjoy discounts off your purchase at B3. 


15.      When does my membership expire?

It’s a lifetime membership!